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 Alternate Timeline

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PostSubject: Alternate Timeline   Alternate Timeline I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 06, 2008 12:32 pm

Sean Connery
1962: Dr No - No Q or reference to Bond's Beretta
1963: From Russia With Love - Same
1964: Goldfinger - Same
1965: Thunderball - Same

George Lazenby
1967: On Her Majesty's Secret Service - No refrence to previous Bond films
1969: You Only Live Twice - Revenge thriller, once again starring 'Telly Savalas' as Blofeld

Roger Moore
1971: Diamonds Are Forever - Less camp
1973: Live and Let Die - Kananga gets proper send-off (Eaten by sharks), Q gives Bond watch which isn't magnetic
1975: The Man with the Golden Gun - Sherriff JW Pepper doesn't return.
1978: The Spy Who Loved Me - Same

Timothy Dalton
1980: Moonraker - Less camp. Jaws doesn't return. Bond doesn't go to space. M's funeral also features. Bond is asked to take over as head but declines. Moneypenny leaves (Permanently)
1982: For Your Eyes Only - New M (Edward Fox), Cut out Blofeld pre-creds & replace with boat blowing up.
1984: Octopussy - Trimmed down. Less camp.
1986: The Living Daylights - Same
1988: Colonel Sun - Close to novel. M is killed.

Pierce Brosnan
1994: Goldeneye - New M (Judi Dench)
1996: Tomorrow Never Dies - Same
1998: Licence To Kill - Same
2000: The World Is Not Enough - No pre-creds boat chase. Bond returns to MI6 after bank job.
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Alternate Timeline
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