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 Goldeneye 007 - A Review

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PostSubject: Goldeneye 007 - A Review   Goldeneye 007 - A Review I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 07, 2008 8:42 am

As far as first person perspective shoot-em-ups go this is ranked among the top 5 (along with Doom and Kill Zone). We had all seen what was possible with this type of game a few years earlier but "Goldeneye 007" took the basic premise further, adding mission objectives to a film environment we were familiar with. The game is actually quite difficult throughout its many varied levels, but this should not put anybody off as when you are playing it you sense that victory is within your grasp the more you learn from your mistakes.

Where "Goldeneye 007" really comes into its own is in the Deathmatch option. This allows up to four players to fight in a level of your choice (on a four-way split screen) with weapons also chosen by the players. Anyone familiar with the Doom game with the same option will know how much fun this is (planting mines then watching the split screen as mate walks onto it being a favourite of mine). Add to this the option to choose characters from nearly all the Bond films and you'll find it hard to play any other game. There are 20 action-packed levels, which is probably the most of any James Bond game to date. Probably the most unforgettable one is the Tank level, which was likely the most explosive video game sequence at that time.

When it came out, it was the greatest game of all-time, and even today, it stays strong.

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Goldeneye 007 - A Review
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