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 From Russia With Love - A Review

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PostSubject: From Russia With Love - A Review   From Russia With Love - A Review I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 07, 2008 8:43 am

Younger gamers might think that the king of espionage is Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher. Sure, he has the cool moves and the funky gadgets, but followers of the international intrigue scene know that James Bond was doing the whole super agent thing while Fisher was theoretically still in diapers and a tiny pair of night-vision goggles. In the pre-Splinter Cell days, gamers did all of their espionage work in the first-person -- the highlight being Rare's 1996 classic, "Goldeneye 007".

In "From Russia with Love", you get sucked in quickly. The pre-credits opening scene will have you zipping around in a jetpack, killing bad guys, blowing up stuff, and saving the girl. Now THAT'S a Bond opening. The game also replicates the Bond experience with the sheer amount of stuff you'll have to do. The levels are huge and often involve more than one style of play. This isn't a game broken up into 'driving levels', 'stealth levels' and 'shoot-out levels'. In a typical level, you'll have your combat driving skills tested just as much as your sniping skills.

The game also improves on the ability to tweak and customize things. In addition to picking up the various weapons and ammo that's either lying around the environment or that's been dropped by your offed foes, you'll also be finding research points and other goodies. The research points can be spent on upgrading your weapons and gadgets -- allowing them to fire faster, hold more ammo, do more damage etc. There are no co-op mission modes, just a deathmatch and a team-based tiff. The official game site promises an 'engrossing social multiplayer experience', but without online capability, that's a bit of an exaggeration.

Where the game really stands out is in its presentation. The game runs on a new engine that delivers a cleaner, less flat perspective. As a period piece, it does an excellent job of capturing the look of the early Bond films -- from clothing to cars to everything else. Soundwise, the game delivers as well. Connery can occasionally sound forced, but the majority of his lines -- including the obligatory "Bond … James Bond" -- sound legit. There are some minor gameplay issues, and the weak multiplay -- with no online gaming -- hurt the overall game, but the single-player story is strong.

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From Russia With Love - A Review
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